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About Us,

This is the official website of Team Ckartistic, we create Paintings on order And demand, we can create any thing according to the requirement. our Artists Have More Then five years of Experience. According to Our Artists, paintings is just not stock of colors on any material its like a music which gives us a new hope to live, Its like a book which have some deep message in it . we paint in all medium like with oil color , water color , pencil color , acrylic and with pastel colors , and Mostly the style of painting of our Artist is realistic. we always use Good quality Art Material like Good quality well acrylic primed canvas, paper, colors, palate and Brushes. ”

About Ckartistic.com

Discover the world of art with CkArtistic.com. CkArtistic.com is an online marketplace that helps art lovers, enthusiast to order with ease from any part of the India. Order your customize portrait/sketch online in India with free home delivery. Explore our online art gallery and grab your choice of painting/ portrait/sketch/Art design or order any type of painting you want and of any size.  If Want to know more About Us feel free to Contact Us 

We creates hand painted oil paintings on canvas , oil painting and artwork. Convert your precious photographs into hand painted original oil portrait painting, 100% oil painted canvas painting from the Professional Artists. We create different paintings according to your requirement, landscape, sentries, abstract paintings, pet painting etc. To know the price of your artwork or to  Order Portrait/sketch  online click here 

Make painting from photograph as per your requirement. If you have any special instruction, like joining different photos into one oil painting, creating painting from very old and less quality photo, creating amazing artwork by adding beautiful sentries and background to your images. we have unlimited options for oil portrait sketch and canvas paintings. Want to know more About Us Contact Us

Our Commitments


We always use the best Material (like Canvas, paper, colors, Acrylic primer, varnish…). And a thoughtful process to create a painting you will love.


We create a unique masterpiece painting for our customers/ or client. As we mention above we never compromise with the quality of Material we used. So Painting become masterpiece and unique in it own.


Everyone should be able to have a masterpiece in their home and our quality, Because our 100% hand painted paintings/portrait are very Affordable, As our on order portrait price Starting @999 only.


Our customer mean Every thing to us, As you can see that in the personal attention we gives to every order. we guarantee our work, For the reason our customer walk away with a piece of art that they will cherish for a life time.

Free home Delivery

We deliver painting free of cost all over the India. All you need to pay only cost of painting and relax. Your sketch/Painting will reach you within 5-7 working day. If you want to know more About Us Contact Us.

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